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Arroyo Vista PTA

Celebration Book Club

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The Celebration Book Club is a way to support our library and honor your child’s birthday OR special occasion, while also providing a source of enjoyment and learning for our AV children. This wonderful PTA program helps ensure our library will continue to add new books every year.

Please feel free to suggest book genres/authors/subject matter for our FUTURE BOOK ORDERS in the notes section of your order. We can submit them to our librarian for approval but cannot guarantee these books will be available on your child’s chosen date.

During the month you specify, you will be emailed a list of available books. These books will be available on a 1st come 1st served basis. Your selected book will receive a commemorative sticker with your child’s name, and they will be the first to check the book out of the library. For elementary students, a photograph of your child will be put on the Book Club Tree in the library for the duration of the school year!

Thank you for supporting our library and the CELEBRATION Book Club!