Executive Board Members


Sarah Draper



  • Mom to Maggie (6th grade), Max (Freshman at Tesoro), Nathan (Senior at Tesoro), Jacob (Freshman in college)
  • 13th year at Arroyo Vista and 10th year on the PTA Board
  • When I’m not at school volunteering you’ll find me working out, baking, watching Friends reruns, or watching my kids play sports!

Executive V.P.

Nina de Winter-Peer




  • Mom to Rachel and Olivia Peer
  • 3rd Year at Arroyo Vista
  • When I am not at School volunteering, you'll find me refurbishing furniture or working on a watercolor painting.


Sara Ajster


  • Mom to Cameron (4th grade) and Cuyler (2nd grade)
  • 5th year at Arroyo Vista
  • When I'm not at school volunteering, you'll find me on my laptop anywhere drafting floor plans and pulling permits. 


VP/Ways and Means

Angie Mathews


  • Mom to Nova
  • 2nd year at Arroyo Vista, 1st year on PTA
  • When I'm not at school volunteering, you'll find me tied to my phone/computer managing PR client needs and media relations, reading, or out for a jog/bike ride with the fam. 


Sunny Thomas

  • Mom to Hyrum (4th grade), Elyse (7th grade), Zach (Freshman at Tesoro), Bryson (church service mission in Pennsylvania)
  • Eleven years at Arroyo Vista!
  • When I’m not at school volunteering, you’ll find me designing kitchens and bathrooms, doing hot yoga, driving my kids all over the town and watching my kids' various sporting events.


Melissa Cotton




Meagan Woolston


  • Mom to Bryce (Freshman at Tesoro), Meliah (7th grade), Delaney (5th grade) and Hayden (1st grade)
  • 10th year at Arroyo Vista
  • When I’m not at school volunteering, you’ll find me working with my husband, driving my kids to all of their activities, working out and watching my kids sports games.


Financial Secretary

Kjersten Johnson


  • Mom to Reagan (4th grade at AV), McKinley (freshman at SCHS), Carter (junior at THS), Madison (church service mission in Sweden), Kennidy (Brigham Young University)
  • Going strong at AV since 2005!
  • When I'm not at school volunteering, you'll find me with friends or family going to party, cleaning up a party or planning the next party in between carpool runs!


Recording Secretary

Bethany Barnette 


  • Mom to Genevieve (2nd Grade), Sterling (6th Grade), and Chandler (10th Grade at Tesoro)
  • 7th year at Arroyo Vista and an Arroyo Vista Elementary Alumni!
  • I help run the Arroyo Vista Children's Theater, enjoy time at the beach, playing with friends and family, and working behind my camera.



DeAnthony Tunstall



  • Father to Meliyah Tunstall(1st grade), Xavier Tunstall (Kindergarten)
  • 2nd yr at Arroyo 
  • When I’m not at the school volunteering, you’ll find me teaching P.E. to toddlers at my youngest child's Montessori. I’m a fan of all things outdoors, so if you spot me it’ll most likely be on a trail, kayaking or yoga in the park.



Mandy Howard

  • Mom to Hannah Howard (5th grade) and Grayson Howard (3rd grade).
  • 6th year at Arroyo Vista, 4th year on the PTA board.
  • When I’m not at the school volunteering you can find me working as a birth doula, delivering for Meals on Wheels, brunching with girlfriends, or caring for our 12 yr old dog Strummer.


Tonya Pierce

  • Mom to Levi, 8th grade (and Ethan, Kaleb and Asher). Our family has been incredibly blessed by the teachers and staff at Arroyo Vista.
  • 14th and final year at AV!
  • When I'm not at school volunteering, you'll find me at the beach or delivering babies at Saddleback.